A Rare Coin of the Zanj

  title={A Rare Coin of the Zanj},
  author={John Walker},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society},
  pages={651 - 655}
  • J. Walker
  • Published 1 July 1933
  • History
  • Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
In the British Museum there is a gold coin issued by the Zanj rebels, hitherto inedited, and consequently of sufficient historical importance to warrant special publication. There is, so far as the present writer is aware, only one other coin (also in gold) surviving as a witness of that disastrous Slave Revolt which is estimated to have cost over 1,000,000 lives. This latter coin was published by Casanova in the Revue Numisrnatique (1893, pp. 510-516) and is now in the Paris Cabinet. By kind…