A Rare Case of Graves ’ Disease with Splenomegaly and Pancytopenia

  title={A Rare Case of Graves ’ Disease with Splenomegaly and Pancytopenia},
  author={Elayne Christinne and Marcelino e Silva and Ricardo Parente Garcia Vieira and Maria Misrelma Moura Bessa and Jo{\~a}o Kennedy Teixeira Lima and Thyciara Fontenele Marques},
Case Report: Patient, 46 years old, female, sought treatment at a reference hospital with abdominal pain that started two days earlier, prevalent in mesogastric region and left hypochondrium very intense and recurrent, associated with significant consumptive syndrome (loss of 10 kg in 4 months), asthenia, dyspnea on minimum exertion, irritability and fine tremor in extremities. She denied fever, palpitations, heat intolerance, skin or eye changes. A diffuse thyroid enlargement with the presence… CONTINUE READING