A Random Forest Approach for Authorship Profiling

  title={A Random Forest Approach for Authorship Profiling},
  author={Alonso Palomino Garibay and Adolfo T. Camacho-Gonz{\'a}lez and Ricardo A. Fierro-Villaneda and Iraz{\'u} Hernandez-Farias and Davide Buscaldi and Iv{\'a}n V. Meza},
In this paper we present our approach to extract profile information from anonymized tweets for the author profiling task at PAN 2015 [10]. Particularly we explore the versatility of random forest classifiers for the genre and age groups information and random forest regressions to score important aspects of the personality of a user. Furthermore we propose a set of features tailored for this task based on characteristics of the twitters. In particular, our approach relies on previous proposed… CONTINUE READING