A Raman spectral study of forsterite-monticellite solid solutions

  title={A Raman spectral study of forsterite-monticellite solid solutions},
  author={xKALa MorrlNaN},
  • xKALa MorrlNaN
  • Published 2007
Raman spectra of olivines along the forsterite-monticellite (Fo-Mo) join have been measured in the region of 100-1200 cm-' with a multichannel micro-Raman spectrometer. In the spectrum of Fo, strong Si-Osymmetric stretching bands appear at 824 and at 855 cm-r, and a medium-intensity antisymmetric Si-O stretching band appears at 964 cm r. These bands show a systematic frequency decrease with increasing Mo composition. These systematic variations of the high-frequency Si-O bands are attributed to… CONTINUE READING
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