A Quantum Delayed-Choice Experiment

  title={A Quantum Delayed-Choice Experiment},
  author={A. Peruzzo and P. Shadbolt and N. Brunner and S. Popescu and J. O'Brien},
  pages={634 - 637}
  • A. Peruzzo, P. Shadbolt, +2 authors J. O'Brien
  • Published 2012
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Delaying Quantum Choice Photons can display wavelike or particle-like behavior, depending on the experimental technique used to measure them. Understanding this duality lies at the heart of quantum mechanics. In two reports, Peruzzo et al. (p. 634) and Kaiser et al. (p. 637; see the Perspective on both papers by Lloyd) perform an entangled version of John Wheeler's delayed-choice gedanken experiment, in which the choice of detection can be changed after a photon passes through a double-slit to… CONTINUE READING
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