A Quantitative Study of Video Duplicate Levels in YouTube

  title={A Quantitative Study of Video Duplicate Levels in YouTube},
  author={Yao Liu and Sam Blasiak and Weijun Xiao and Zhenhua Li and Songqing Chen},
The popularity of video sharing services has increased exponentially in recent years, but this popularity is accompanied by challenges associated with the tremendous scale of user bases and massive amounts of video data. A known inefficiency of video sharing services with user-uploaded content is widespread video duplication. These duplicate videos are often of different aspect ratios, can contain overlays or additional borders, or can be excerpted from a longer, original video, and thus can be… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • The combined strategies yield a 31.7% estimated video duplicate ratio across all YouTube videos, with 24.0% storage occupied by duplicates.