A Quality Assessment of Airborne Laser Scanner Data

  title={A Quality Assessment of Airborne Laser Scanner Data},
  author={Eero Ahokas and Harri Kaartinen and Juha Hyypp{\"a}},
A Toposys-1 airborne laser scanner (ALS or LIDAR) measurement campaign was arranged in June 2000 (Kalkkinen) and another campaign with helicopter-borne TopEye laser scanner was arranged in September 2002 in southern Finland (Masala, Otaniemi). The Toposys flying altitudes were about 400 and 800 m above ground and for the TopEye, 100, 200, 400 and 550 m flying altitudes were used. Reference measurements on the ground were made with a RTK GPS and a tachymeter. Points on asphalt, grass, gravel and… CONTINUE READING
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