A Qualitative Study of the Social Contextual Use of Alkyl Nitrites (Poppers) among Targeted Groups

  title={A Qualitative Study of the Social Contextual Use of Alkyl Nitrites (Poppers) among Targeted Groups},
  author={Rebecca Sophia French and Robert Power},
  journal={Journal of Drug Issues},
  pages={57 - 76}
This paper uses qualitative methods to examine the social contextual use of alkyl nitrites among targeted groups: young recreational drug users (students), polysubstance users receiving treatment in a methadone program, homosexual men, and homeless people. Nitrites were a popular recreational and social drug, most commonly taken in nightclubs to enhance both music and the effects of other recreational drugs or taken to enhance sexual experience. Its legal status, low cost, and easy availability… Expand
Harmless? A hierarchical analysis of poppers use correlates among young gay and bisexual men.
This analysis further supports the hypothesis that poppers may be substances with a comparably low-risk profile and a regulation of poppers with a harm reduction approach may present a valuable public health intervention. Expand
Poppers, queer sex and a Canadian crackdown: Examining the experiences of alkyl nitrite use among young sexual minority men.
Poppers play an important role in the experience of sexual pleasure and the ability to reduce harms during anal sex, and the current crackdown restricts access to a safe and regulated supply while creating uncertainty and confusion about poppers use. Expand
Nitrite Inhalant Abuse in Antisocial Youth: Prevalence, Patterns, and Predictors
Antisocial adolescent nitrite users are at substantially elevated risk for serious functional impairments given their high rates of lifetime head injury, comparatively more varied and intensive levels of involvement with psychoactive drugs, and symptom reports suggestive of psychiatric and cognitive dysfunction. Expand
Prevalence, frequency, and motivations for alkyl nitrite use among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Australia.
Poppers are commonly used by Australian GBM to functionally enhance sexual experiences, particularly to facilitate receptive anal intercourse, and few men experienced drug-related harms from poppers use. Expand
The Cannabis Expectancy Questionnaire for Men who have Sex with Men (CEQ-MSM): A measure of substance-related beliefs.
The CEQ-MSM represents a reliable and valid measure of outcome expectancies, related to cannabis among MSM, and may contribute to reducing harm associated with substance use and post-substance use thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Expand
Substance-related expectancies among men who have sex with men: development of psychometric tools to predict unprotected sexual activity
Significant research has demonstrated direct and indirect associations between substance use and sexual behaviour. Substance use is related to sexual risk-taking and HIV seroconversion among someExpand
The Amyl Nitrite Expectancy Questionnaire for Men who have Sex with Men (AEQ-MSM): A Measure of Substance-Related Beliefs
A measure of perceived reinforcement associated with amyl nitrite was developed and evaluated among gay and bisexual men and demonstrated good psychometric properties and was associated with consumption patterns. Expand
How Drug using men who have sex with men account for substance use during Sexual Behaviours: Questioning assumptions of Hiv Prevention and Research
Much HIV prevention research ignores the underlying reasons why drug-using men who have sex with men (DU-MSM) use substances during sex. The present study explores DU-MSM descriptions of theExpand
Substance Use and Abuse in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations
Despite many gaps in the research on substance abuse and sexual orientation, recent data suggest that, overall, substance use among lesbians and gay men—particularly alcohol use—has declined over theExpand
Life on the Seesaw
The current findings indicate that gay youth suicide prevention requires efforts to increase resiliency factors for this group, and the Seesaw Model of Gay Male Suicide is demonstrated to be the key to gay suicide. Expand


Self-Reported Effects of Alkyl Nitrite Use: A Qualitative Study Amongst Targeted Groups
The aim of this research into the social contextual use of nitrites was to provide qualitative data to assist with policy-making decisions and to inform the development of preventative and harm minimisation interventions. Expand
Nitrite inhalants: patterns of abuse in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
It is concluded that the prevalence of nitrite abuse among drug users has not changed as a result of the AIDS epidemic, but such use appears to have decreased within the homosexual community. Expand
Drugs and Sex: A Survey of College Students' Beliefs
Alcohol and cocaine users were more accurate in identifying effects than were nonusers and most of the myths examined were believed by a number of the students surveyed. Expand
Pharmacosexology: the effects of drugs on sexual function a review.
  • J. Buffum
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of psychoactive drugs
  • 1982
The literature on the sexual side effects of drugs and chemicals has been reviewed and many of the drugs used therapeutically have been reported to have adverse effects on sexuality, and this must be taken into account when these drugs are used clinically. Expand
Political-economic construction of gay male clone identity.
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of social construction theory for understanding the clone episode in gay male history, particularly interested in the issues of continuity and specificity. Expand
Blush Not with Nitrites
Excerpt Inhalant abuse, the potentially dangerous practice of inhaling volatile compounds for their psychological or physiologic effects, is a widespread and often unrecognized problem. Widely diff...
Data Management and Analysis Methods
This chapter is about methods for managing and analyzing qualitative data. By qualitative data the authors mean text: newspapers, movies, sitcoms, e-mail traffic, folktales, life histories. They alsoExpand
Profound bradycardia after amyl nitrite in patients with a tendency to vasovagal episodes.
Two patients with mild aortic insufficiency inhaled amyl nitrite during routine echocardiographic examinations. One developed sinus arrest and syncope and the other had pronounced sinus bradycardia.Expand
Drug Usage and Drug Prevention:the Views and Habits of the General Public. London:HerMajesty's Stationery Office
  • 1993