A QoS-aware MAC layer protocol for wireless LANs

  title={A QoS-aware MAC layer protocol for wireless LANs},
  author={Noun Choi and Subbarayan Venkatesan and Ravi Prakash},
  journal={IEEE International Conference on Performance, Computing, and Communications, 2004},
With advances in physical layer technologies, WLANs are now connected with wired networks and act as parts of the entire networks. Since demands for QoS sensitive applications are extremely high, WLANs, as parts of heterogeneous networks, are required to be QoS-aware. In this paper we present a new QoS-aware multi-access scheme, called ADCF, designed to assure weighted fair queuing in a purely distributed way and to achieve admission control per frame. The results of simulations show that ADCF… CONTINUE READING