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A Process-based Cost Modeling Approach to the Development of Product Families

  title={A Process-based Cost Modeling Approach to the Development of Product Families},
  author={Michael DeShawn Johnson and Randolph E. Kirchain},


Introducing a platform strategy in product development
A methodology for determining engineering costs and their effects on the development of product families
The goal of most firms is to deliver products that satisfy customer needs. Delivering a variety of differentiated products allows firms to satisfy the broadest range of customers. There is, however,
The Acceleration Trap
It's natural for companies to go into overdrive to reach a stretch goal or hit a crucial milestone. But when the furious pace becomes the new normal, employees burn out and corporate performance
The impact of new product development acceleration approaches on speed and profitability: lessons for pioneers and fast followers
These results are important as they provide guidance for pioneers and fast followers regarding which NPD acceleration approaches to select in order to enhance speed and profitability and, hence, firm financial performance.
Process-Based Cost Modeling: Understanding the Economics of Technical Decisions
The field of engineering is rife with models and methods for modeling. Fueled by ever-accelerating computational horsepower, these models have provided invaluable insights into every aspect of
Product Differentiation and Commonality in Design: Balancing Revenue and Cost Revenues
  • Management Science
  • 2001
Special Issue on Design and Development: Appropriateness and Impact of Platform-Based Product Development
The results indicate that platforms are not appropriate for extreme levels of market diversity or high levels of nonplatform scale economies, and a firm's product positioning and introduction sequence decisions made during the product-planning phase are significantly impacted by the presence of platforms.