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A Probit Estimation of Urban Bases of Environmental Awareness: Evidence from Sylhet City, Bangladesh

  title={A Probit Estimation of Urban Bases of Environmental Awareness: Evidence from Sylhet City, Bangladesh},
  author={Masud Alam and A. F. M. Zakaria},
  journal={SRPN: Sustainable Development (Topic)},
  • Masud Alam, A. Zakaria
  • Published 2013
  • Economics
  • SRPN: Sustainable Development (Topic)
This paper evaluates the significant factors contributing to environmental awareness among individuals living in the urban area of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Ordered Probit(OPM) estimation is applied on the value of ten measures of individual environmental concern. The estimated results of OPM reveal the dominance of higher education, higher income, and full-employment status on environmental concern and environmentally responsible behavior. Younger and more educated respondents tended to be more… Expand
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