A Privacy Preserving Collusion Secure DCOP Algorithm

  title={A Privacy Preserving Collusion Secure DCOP Algorithm},
  author={Tamir Tassa and Tal Grinshpoun and A. Yanai},
  • Tamir Tassa, Tal Grinshpoun, A. Yanai
  • Published in IJCAI 2019
  • Computer Science
  • In recent years, several studies proposed privacy-preserving algorithms for solving Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems (DCOPs). All of those studies assumed that agents do not collude. In this study we propose the first privacy-preserving DCOP algorithm that is immune to coalitions, under the assumption of honest majority. Our algorithm -- PC-SyncBB -- is based on the classical Branch and Bound DCOP algorithm. It offers constraint, topology and decision privacy. We evaluate its… CONTINUE READING
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