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A Primer on Futures Studies, Foresight and the Use of Scenarios

  title={A Primer on Futures Studies, Foresight and the Use of Scenarios},
  author={J. Voros},
The "futures field" is very broad and goes by a variety of different names: "futures research", "futures studies", sometimes "futures analysis", "futurism", "futuristics", or even "futurology". The terms "futurism" and (ugh!) "futurology" are particularly archaic, and today have rather negative connotations of, respectively sloppy or very superficial work, or of excessively empiricist and overly-prediction-oriented work; they are actively discouraged by those who work seriously in the field. I… Expand
Long-term strategic thinking, the Themis method and the future of food
Abstract We are living in an age of accelerated change and even those industries, once dealing with relatively stable consumer habits, are now faced with the question: in the long run, which productsExpand
Foresight and Design: New Support for Strategic Decision Making
Abstract Decision makers who plan, decide, and act to influence change need to rely on a new, emerging approach to the future in the increasingly turbulent environments they face today. AfterExpand
The future imagined: Exploring fiction as a means of reflecting on today’s Grand Societal Challenges and tomorrow’s options
Abstract European science policy (so-called Horizon 2020) is guided by Grand Societal Challenges (GSCs) with the explicit aim of shaping the future. In this paper we propose an innovative approach toExpand
Future Tense: Harnessing Design Futures Methods to Facilitate Young People’s Exploration of Transformative Change for Sustainability
The research starts from the premise that as the world is changing rapidly and in nonlinear ways, we are educating future practitioners for jobs and contexts that don’t yet exist. They instead needExpand
Concept Cars as a design-led futures technique
Innovation forces organizations to think about the future. The many techniques guiding these explorations are named futures studies, which are inquiries into images of the future and theirExpand
A new model for technology foresight: Foresight periscope model (FPM)
  • N. Yuksel, Hasan Cifci
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
  • 2017
New technology foresight approach named Foresight Periscope Model (FPM), which has three interdependent modules; Resources, Methodology and Futures Strategies, concludes with futures strategies which put foresight process into action by taking advantage of underlying resources and methodology. Expand
Researching the future of purchasing and supply management: The purpose and potential of scenarios
ABSTRACT Drawing on prior research, the value of scenario planning as a methodology for future research on the future of purchasing and supply management (PSM) is explored. Using three criteriaExpand
Foresight 6.0: The New Generation of Technology Foresight
  • Hasan Cifci, N. Yuksel
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 2018 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
  • 2018
Foresight 6.0 is evaluated on the focused dimensions, participating actors, economic bases and principles, and the rising concepts of Industry 4.0, netocracy, cyberspace, biotechnology, ethical values and blurriness of the roles in economy are the primary factors in this new generation of foresight. Expand
Beyond techno-utopia and its discontents: On the role of utopianism and speculative fiction in shaping alternatives to the smart city imaginary
Abstract In recent years, the osmart city’ has become established in policy and planning discourse, embedding visions of an urban future where ubiquitous technology offers efficient solutions to theExpand
Beyond forecasting : a design-inspired foresight approach for preferable futures
This paper engages with the literature to present different perspectives between forecasting and foresight in strategic design, while drawing insights derived from futures studies that can be appli...


A simple guide to successful foresight
The term “foresight” is often misunderstood and is used to indicate a variety of programmes, exercises, studies and techniques for looking at the future. There have been several national foresightExpand
Abstract This article looks back over a decade of futures work. It looks at the development of critical futures study, at several key premises and some outcomes in terms of teaching, research andExpand
Causal layered analysis
Abstract Causal layered analysis is offered as a new futures research method. It utility is not in predicting the future but in creating transformative spaces for the creation of alternative futures.Expand
A new framework for environmental scanning
This paper suggests that environmental scanning (ES) has been restricted to parts of the external world and has largely overlooked the inner one. In fact the inner/outer distinction has itself beenExpand
A generic foresight process framework
A generic foresight process framework is outlined, based on prior independent work by Mintzberg, Horton and Slaughter. The framework was developed as part of work carried out by the author during theExpand
The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
The article presents a review of the book “The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning,” by Henry Mintzberg.
The generic foresight process
Futures for the Third Millennium: Enabling the Forward View, Sydney: Prospect Media
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  • 1999
Causal Layered Analysis: Poststructuralism as Method
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The Futures Field: Searching for Definitions and Boundaries
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