A Primer of Haitian Literature in Kreyol

  title={A Primer of Haitian Literature in Kreyol},
  author={George Fox Lang},
  journal={Research in African Literatures},
  pages={128 - 140}
  • G. Lang
  • Published 2004
  • Research in African Literatures
The early history of Haitian Kreyòl remains subject to intense debate among linguists, though there is no doubt it was the principal medium through which slave revolts were organized and the foundations of Haitian culture set. By the end of the nineteenth century there were already significant literary texts, in particular Oswald Durand's "Choucoune" and Georges Sylvian's Cric? Crac! During the thirties and forties, proponents of Kreyòl struggled to have it recognized as the national language… 
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