A Prime-Representing Constant

  title={A Prime-Representing Constant},
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Abstract We present a constant and a recursive relation to define a sequence fn such that the floor of fn is the nth prime. Therefore, this constant generates the complete sequence of primes. We also show this constant is irrational and consider other sequences that can be generated using the same method. 
Unconditional Prime-Representing Functions, Following Mills
Mills proved that there exists a real constant A such that for all the values are prime numbers, and gives a first unconditional variant: is prime, where can be computed to millions of digits.
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    The American Mathematical Monthly
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Abstract It is well known that the arithmetic nature of Mills’ prime-representing constant is uncertain: we do not know if Mills’ constant is a rational or irrational number. In the case of other


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A prime-representing function
Prime Numbers: A Computional Perspective
  • 2005
Prime Numbers: A Computional Perspective. New York: SpringerVerlag
  • 2005