A Previously Unrecognised Portrait of Joan Baptista Van Helmont (1579–1644)

  title={A Previously Unrecognised Portrait of Joan Baptista Van Helmont (1579–1644)},
  author={W. Jensen},
  pages={263 - 268}
Biographers of Robert Hooke (1635-1703) have long lamented the absence of any surviving portraits of this important seventeenth-century British scientist. It is thought that at least two were made during his life, and given his importance to the early history of the Royal Society, it is surprising that neither has survived a circumstance that has given rise to the rum our that they were purposely destroyed by Sir Isaac Newton, who was known to have had an intense dislike of Hooke. However, in… Expand
The lost portrait of Robert Hooke?
The ‘Portrait of a Mathematician’ attributed to Mary Beale in the 1680s is considered as a likely candidate for a portrait of Robert Hooke made during his lifetime, which contains a remarkable diagram and armillary sphere, establishing Hooke's contribution to the theory of gravity. Expand
Crafting the microworld: how Robert Hooke constructed knowledge about small things
  • Ian Lawson
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science
  • 2015
The relationship between the materiality of his instrument and the epistemic images he produced is explored, giving insight into how early modern microscopy was understood by its practitioners and audience. Expand