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A Prepaid Energy Meter for Efficient Power Management

  title={A Prepaid Energy Meter for Efficient Power Management},
  author={K. Sheelasobanarani and S. Raja and B. Dhanaraj and Kandavel Manickam and K. Raja},
Electricity has become one of the basic requirements for people and widely used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. The energy billing system used nowadays are labor and time consuming. There is no proper way to know the consumer's maximum demand, usage details. This paper presents a prepaid energy meter to facilitate energy consumption measurement and to know consumer's maximum demand. The major components are PIC microcontroller, Voltage and Current transformer, Precision… 

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Modeling of Arduino-based Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM Technology

The proposed design embedded with Arduino and GSM technology is advancement over conventional energy meter, which enables consumer to effectively manage their electricity usage and guarantees justified income for the utility.

Prepaid Electricity Meter using GSM Module

The research paper elaborates and describes the utility of prepaid electricity meter which is advantageous for the consumer to manage energy usage, to minimize faults and bill processing, and decreases labor cost.

Prepaid Metering System

To minimize complexity in calculating and distributing bills and misuse of electricity are the main purpose of this project and is indirectly affect to avoid illegal activities like power theft.

Prepaid Metering System by using PLC and SCADA

There are certain losses which affect the economy of the power system. In India the percentage of power losses has been quite high. The most prominent forms of non-technical losses in India are


Results obtained show that GSM-Based SMS is a good platform for energy meter monitoring and shows a success rate as high as 100% and the highest failure rate of 5.88%.

Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Technology

The design and modelling of a GSM-based Energy Recharge System for prepaid Metering using GSM will enable the user to recharge his/her electricity account from home and many add-ons such as energy demand prediction, real time dynamic tariff as a function of demand and supply and so on.

Impact of Prepaid Energy Metering System on the Electricity Consumption in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area of Oyo State

The introduction of the pre-paid metering system has increased the revenue collection and hence, reduced the revenue generation of the local government area because of the reliability nature of the meetering system.

Development of an SMS-Based Prepayment Energy Meter Monitoring System for Consumers and Utility Companies

Results obtained show that GSM-Based SMS is a good platform for energy meter monitoring and shows a success rate as high as 100% and the highest failure rate of 5.88%.

Rogowski Coils for Design of Energy Meters for Nigeria Power Market

  • J. Iloh
  • Engineering
    European Journal of Engineering Research and Science
  • 2020
Proper metering of electricity consumption is the optimal way for effectively recovering revenues for power supplied to the consumers by the distribution companies (DISCOs). In Nigeria, the situation

Automatic energy meter reading for multiple devices employing prepaid alerting system

This paper intends to establish a system which advises to keep an eye on the readings from an energy meter and regulating the switching of energy meter. The proposed system has maximum demand



Design of a Robust Prepaid Energy Metering and Billing System

A prior billing is bound to do away with the problems of unpaid bills and human error in meter readings, thereby ensuring justified revenue for the utility.

Design and Implementation of Wireless Digital Energy Meter using Microcontroller

This paper presents a micro-controller based wireless digital energy meter to facilitate energy consumption measurement and its corresponding billing scheme. Details of design for the construction of

Microcontroller Based Single Phase Digital Prepaid Energy Meter for Improved Metering and Billing System

This paper presents a single phase digital prepaid energy meter based on two microcontrollers and a single phase energy meter IC. This digital prepaid energy meter does not have any rotating parts.

Design and Development of GSM based Energy Meter

This paper presents of design and development of Automatic meter reading (AMR) system, a boom for remote monitoring and control domestic energy meter that not only reduces the labor cost but also increase meter reading accuracy and save hugs amount of time.

Automated Wireless Meter Reading System for Monitoring and Controlling Power Consumption

The design presents a new methodology for avoiding the high construction and maintenance costs in the existing meter reading technology and provides efficient meter reading, avoiding the billing error and reduces the maintenance cost.

Modeling of GSM-Based Energy Recharge Scheme for Prepaid Meter

GSM-Based Recharge System(GBRS) for single phase prepaid meter has been modeled and simulated in Matlab/Simulink environment and results obtained shows good system performance.

Ighalo “ Modeling of GSMBased Energy Recharge Scheme for Prepaid Meter

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