A Preliminary Study of Plague at a Hill Station in the Nilgiris, South India


who ordered an enquiry into this matter to be made. The enquiry was accordingly carried out during the period May to July 1939, facilities for work being provided at the Pasteur Institute, Coonoor. The scientific aspects of this enquiry are included in this report. Field studies on plague undertaken in recent years at the instance of the Government and the Indian Research Fund Association in this province have all been connected with factors prevailing in the plains. The present enquiry has therefore contributed certain preliminary data pertaining to the epidemiology of plague in a hill station. The Nilgiris is a plateau in South India, the smallest in extent and population of all districts in Madras province. It is roughly 1,000 square miles in extent upheaved at the junction of the Eastern and Western Ghats, and has a popula' tion of about 170,000. The plateau has an average altitude of 6,500 feet though some of peaks are over 8,000 feet high. The attache^ map shows the topography, and main routes o communication of the district. Over half t|le area is either forest or downs, a third is cl^' vated, and the rest is sparsely populated, T| fertile areas in the district are chiefly compos^ of a rich black loam of a peaty nature. ^ brown soil comes next in value while other sol? of inferior quality are chiefly used as grazing grounds. Of the lands utilized for agriculture purposes, less than half is cultivated with cerea crops, such as rice, wheat, ragi, samce, aI1( barley, and over half with coffee, tea, cinchofla' potato, etc. No portion of the district is ted. The grain grown in the district is hardy sufficient for 4 months' consumption in the ye^r' and therefore much of these are imported either from Mysore and Malabar, via Gudalur, or fr0l? Coimbatore via the ghat road and the rac railway. Potato farming is very extensive, eve*1

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