A Prejudice that Rarely Utters Its Name: A Historiographical and Historical Reflection upon North American Anti-Catholicism

  title={A Prejudice that Rarely Utters Its Name: A Historiographical and Historical Reflection upon North American Anti-Catholicism},
  author={S. Kenny},
  journal={American Review of Canadian Studies},
  pages={639 - 672}
  • S. Kenny
  • Published 2002
  • Sociology
  • American Review of Canadian Studies
In his recent critical essay on the history of the Catholic Church, Swiss-born theologian Hans Kung notes that assessments of the institution, both internal and external, vary significantly. A faithful but questioning priest, he opines that it is the most controversial of churches "subject to extremes of admiration and attack." (1) Claiming that at mid-twentieth century the common attitude towards it was one of benevolent indifference, Kung suggests that its current rigid and infallibly taught… Expand
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