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A Predictive Multiphase Model of Silica Aerogels for Building Envelope Insulations

  title={A Predictive Multiphase Model of Silica Aerogels for Building Envelope Insulations},
  author={Pedram Maleki and Jingye Tan and Lu An and Massimigliano Di Luigi and Umberto Villa and Chi Zhou and Shenqiang Ren and Danial Faghihi},
This work develops a multiphase thermomechanical model of porous silica aerogel and implements an uncertainty analysis framework consisting of the Sobol methods for global sensitivity analyses and Bayesian inference using a set of experimental data of silica aerogel. A notable feature of this work is implementing a new noise model within the Bayesian inversion to account for data uncertainty and modeling error. The hyper-parameters in the likelihood balance data misfit and prior contribution to… Expand


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