A Precocial Avian Embryo from the Lower Cretaceous of China

  title={A Precocial Avian Embryo from the Lower Cretaceous of China},
  author={Z. Zhou and F. Zhang},
  pages={653 - 653}
  • Z. Zhou, F. Zhang
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • An embryo of an enantiornithine bird has been recovered from the Lower Cretaceous rocks of Liaoning, in northeast China. The bird has a nearly complete articulated skeleton with feather sheet impressions and is enclosed in egg-shaped confines. The tucking posture of the skeleton suggests that the embryo had attained the final stage of development. The presence of well-developed wing and tail feather sheets indicates a precocial developmental mode, supporting the hypothesis that precocial birds… CONTINUE READING
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