A Precise Metamodel for Open Cloud Computing Interface


Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) proposes one of the first widely accepted, community-based, open standards for managing any kinds of cloud resources. But as it is specified in natural language, OCCI is imprecise, ambiguous, incomplete, and needs a precise definition of its core concepts. Indeed, the OCCI Core Model has conceptual drawbacks: an imprecise semantics of its type classification system, a nonextensible data type system for OCCI attributes, a vague and limited extension concept and the absence of a configuration concept. To tackle these issues, this paper proposes a precise metamodel for OCCI. This metamodel defines rigourously the static semantics of the OCCI core concepts, of a precise type classification system, of an extensible data type system, and of both extension and configuration concepts. This metamodel is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), its structure is encoded with Ecore and its static semantics is rigourously defined with Object Constraint Language (OCL). As a consequence, this metamodel provides a concrete language to precisely define and exchange OCCI models. The validation of our metamodel is done on the first world-wide dataset of OCCI extensions already published in the literature, and addressing inter-cloud networking, infrastructure, platform, application, service management, cloud monitoring, and autonomic computing domains, respectively. This validation highlights simplicity, consistency, correctness, completeness, and usefulness of the proposed metamodel.

DOI: 10.1109/CLOUD.2015.117

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