A Precise 2-D Wireless Localization Technique Using Smart Antenna


In recent years, localization using angle of arrival (AOA) has gathered more attention, due to the use of smart antenna techniques for performance improvement in mobile communications. In this paper, we propose a precise two dimensional (2-D) localization approach by using AOA measurements which considers the error due to multipath propagation as well as angle estimation error. Specifically, we propose to use three antenna arrays to provide a fix, each with a unique combination of another antenna array. Thus, three sets of antenna arrays are formed altogether. For each set, we first transform angle information into location coordinates by standard geometry and linearization method is used for getting the initial location estimates. Then the Final Position is estimated from the three initial location estimates by the Precision-Weighted Aggregation approach which considers the errors from measurement and multipath propagation. Finally, the performance of the proposed method is evaluated.

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