A Practical Index for Approximate Dictionary Matching with Few Mismatches

  title={A Practical Index for Approximate Dictionary Matching with Few Mismatches},
  author={Aleksander Cislak and Szymon Grabowski},
  journal={Comput. Informatics},
  • Aleksander Cislak, Szymon Grabowski
  • Published in Comput. Informatics 2017
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Approximate dictionary matching is a classic string matching problem, with applications in, e.g., online catalogs, geolocation (mapping possibly misspelled location description to geocoordinates), web searchers, etc. We present a surprisingly simple solution, based on the Dirichlet principle, for matching a keyword with few mismatches and experimentally show that it offers competitive space-time tradeoffs. Our implementation in the C++ language is focused mostly on data compaction, which is… CONTINUE READING

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