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A Practical Approach to Managing Spreadsheet Risk in a Global Business

  title={A Practical Approach to Managing Spreadsheet Risk in a Global Business},
  author={Thomas Lemon and Ewen Ferguson},
Spreadsheets are used extensively within today's organisations. Although spreadsheets have many benefits, they can also present a significant risk exposure, requiring appropriate management. Protiviti has worked with a number of organisations, ranging in size up to huge multi-nationals, to help them build appropriate spreadsheet governance frameworks, including the design and implementation of policies, minimum design standards, control processes, training and awareness programmes and the… 
Governance of Spreadsheets through Spreadsheet Change Reviews1
We present a pragmatic method for management of risks that arise due to spreadsheet use in large organizations. We combine peer-review, tool-assisted evaluation and other pre-existing approaches into
Leveraging User Profile and Behaviour to Design Practical Spreadsheet Controls for the Finance Function
Even without a corporate mandated effort to improve spreadsheet controls, finance functions can take simple yet effective steps to start managing the risk of errors in key spreadsheets by strategically selecting controls that complement existing user practice.
Governance of Spreadsheets through Spreadsheet Change Reviews
EuSpRiG 2012 : European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group (EuSpRIG) annual conference, July 2012


Enterprise Spreadsheet Management: A Necessary Good
This paper presents the arguments and supporting business metrics for Enterprise Spreadsheet Management to be seen as a necessary good and the good that may be delivered to business spreadsheet users involved in repetitive manual processes.
Documenting Spreadsheets
This paper discusses spreadsheets documentation and new means to achieve this end by using Excel’s built-in “Comment” function, which will greatly facilitate spreadsheet change control, risk management and auditing.
When, why and how to test spreadsheets
This paper discusses the testing of spreadsheets in the light of one practitioner’s experience, and considers the concept of software testing and how it differs from reviewing, and describes when it might take place.
End User Computing in AIB Capital Markets: A Management Summary
The development of an effective policy is described, as well as the process by which a register of critical EUC applications was assembled and how those applications were brought into a controlled environment.
Spreadsheet Risk Management -Frequently Asked Questions Guide
  • 2008
Sarbanes-Oxley: What About all the Spreadsheets?
The riskiness of spreadsheets, which can now be quantified to a considerable degree, is discussed, and how to use control frameworks to reduce the dangers created by spreadsheets is discussed.
FINRA Examination Priorities letter, 1 March 2010, http://www.finra.org/web/groups/industry/@ip/@reg/@guide/documents/industry/p121004.pdf FSA Final Notice to Credit Suisse
  • 2008
FINRA Examination Priorities letter
  • 2008
Understanding the significance of spreadsheet risk
  • 2009
Spreadsheet Risk Management – Frequently Asked Questions Guide, page 20, http://www.protiviti.com/en-AU/Insights/Resource-Guides/Pages/Spreadsheet-Risk-Mgmt-FAQ-09
  • Protiviti
  • 2008