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A Powerful Cinema-going Force? Hollywood and Female Audiences since the 1960s

  title={A Powerful Cinema-going Force? Hollywood and Female Audiences since the 1960s},
  author={Peter Kramer},

Harnessing Hollywood hype: Film marketing meets the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century

Marketing is a vital commercial activity and source of competitive advantage within the Hollywood film industry, serving to create, circulate and translate symbolic meaning around a film and its

to music’: new retro movies in 1990s Hollywood cinema

As every decade passes, so claims about how it will be recalled and re-remembered emerge. Looking back to the past solidifies years into publicly memorialised decades, reconstructing the past as an

Cinema culture and audience rituals : Early mediatisation of society

Cinema played an important role in the creation of media culture and in the mediatisation processes in the societies of the 20th century. In this paper, I use the cultural-historical approach and

Targeting American Women: Movie Marketing, Genre History, and the Hollywood Women-in-Danger Film

By concentrating on elements of film content and the cultural politics of feminist activists, scholars have suggested that Hollywood’s women-in-danger films of the early 1980s represented the

‘A process to learn something’: Pearl Harbor and the Producer's Game in contemporary Hollywood

This paper uses a case study of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer's involvement in the production of Pearl Harbor (2001) to argue that political economic analyses of Hollywood filmmaking must take

Cinema for Sale: The Impact of the Multiplex on Cinema-going in Britain, 1985-2000

The following survey of the multiplex cinema in Britain over the last fifteen years approaches this distinctive exhibition phenomenon in terms of cultural consumption and film production. The first

'It's aimed at kids - the kid in everybody': George Lucas, Star Wars and Children's Entertainment

When Star Wars was released in May 1977, Time magazine hailed it as "The Year's Best Movie" and characterised the special quality of the film with the statement: "It's aimed at kids the kid in