• Geology
  • Published 1962

A Post-Kansan Peat at Grinnell, Iowa: A Preliminary Report

  title={A Post-Kansan Peat at Grinnell, Iowa: A Preliminary Report},
  author={Graham and F Ben},
In June, 1960, a 2-ft. post-Kansan peat deposit was exposed in a building excavation in Grinnell (Poweshiek Co.), Iowa. A Kansan gumbotil lies beneath the peat, and approximately 16 ft. of loess lies above it. Well-preserved wood and pollen of coniferous forest species are abundant. Because there is no overlying till, the deposit is tentatively classified as of Buchanan age. During the spring of 1960, excavation was begun on the Grinnell College Campus for the new Fine Arts Center. Always… CONTINUE READING

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