A Possible Lost Classic: The *She ming, or *Command to She

  title={A Possible Lost Classic: The *She ming, or *Command to She},
  author={Edward L. Shaughnessy},
  journal={T'oung Pao},
Volume 8 of Qinghua daxue cang Zhanguo zhujian 清華大學藏戰國竹簡 con­tains a manuscript entitled by the editors *She ming 攝命 (*Command to She), which they argue is the original version of the ancient-script “Jiong ming” 囧命 (“Command to Jiong”) chapter of the Shangshu 尚書. I review the evidence for this and further provide a full translation of the text. I also consider possible implications of the *She ming for Western Zhou history, and how the text may have been transmitted from the time of its… 
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