A Portal for Ubiquitous Access to Personal Health Records on the Cloud


Recently, there has been a remarkable upsurge in activity surrounding the adoption of Personal Health Records (PHRs) whose architectures are based on the fundamental assumptions that the complete records are centrally stored and that each patient retains authority over access to any portion of his/her record. Although the consumer/patient is the primary beneficiary and user of PHRs, healthcare professionals stand to benefit from their use as well. In particular, the integration of leading-edge networking technologies, such as cloud-based services and mobile communications, with PHRs has the potential to improve delivery of healthcare by rendering PHRs ubiquitously accessible. This paper presents a portal application which provides access to PHRs on the cloud. Cloud-based services can prove important in healthcare provision, but the inherent nature of medical records underscores the need for clouds to be private to ensure data security is better maintained. Thus, the proposed portal application comes with a suitable security mechanism, in order to ensure secure access to healthcare information.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-20865-2_13

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