A Polyhedral Investigation of the LCS Problem and a Repetition-Free Variant


We consider the longest common subsequence problem (lcs) and a variant of it where each symbol may occur at most once in the common subsequence. The lcs is a well-known problem that can be solved in polynomial time by a dynamic programming algorithm. We provide a complete description of a polytope we associate with the lcs. The integrality of this polytope can be derived by showing that it is in fact the clique polytope of a perfect graph. The repetition-free version of the problem is known to be difficult. We also associate a polytope with this version and investigate its facial structure. We present some valid and facet-defining inequalities for this polytope and discuss separation procedures. Finally, we present some computational results of a branch and cut algorithm we have implemented for this problem.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-78773-0_29

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