A Planetary Companion to a Nearby M4 Dwarf, Gliese 876*

  title={A Planetary Companion to a Nearby M4 Dwarf, Gliese 876*},
  author={Geoffrey W. Marcy and Rebecca P. Butler and Steven S. Vogt and Daniel A. Fischer and Jack J. Lissauer},
Doppler measurements of the M4 dwarf star, Gliese 876, taken at both Lick and Keck Observatory reveal periodic, Keplerian velocity variations with a period of 61 days. The orbital fit implies that the companion has a mass of, M = 2.1 MJUP/ sin i, an orbital eccentricity of, e = 0.27±0.03, and a semimajor axis of, a = 0.21 AU. The planet is the first found around an M dwarf, and was drawn from a survey of 24 such stars at Lick Observatory. It is the closest extrasolar planet yet found, providing… CONTINUE READING


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