A Physiologic Approach to Diagnosis of the Cushing Syndrome

  title={A Physiologic Approach to Diagnosis of the Cushing Syndrome},
  author={H. Raff and J. Findling},
  journal={Annals of Internal Medicine},
  • H. Raff, J. Findling
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Clinical Principles* General Obesity Hypertension Metabolic Diabetes mellitus or impaired glucose tolerance Hyperlipidemia Nephrolithiasis Polyuria Skin Plethora Hirsutism Striae Acne Bruising Musculoskeletal Osteopenia or osteoporosis Proximal myopathy Neuropsychiatric Depression Cognitive impairment Emotional lability Euphoria Psychosis Gonadal dysfunction Oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea Impotence, decreased libido Immune suppression (susceptible to opportunistic infection) *Notice that many of… CONTINUE READING
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