A Phylogenetic Analysis of Lepidosauromorpha

  title={A Phylogenetic Analysis of Lepidosauromorpha},
  author={Jacques Gauthier and Richard J. Estes and Kevin de Queiroz},
In this paper our primary objective is to analyze phylogenetic relationships within a subtaxon of Sauna, the Lepidosauromorpha (see Addendum, p. 94). Lepidosauromorpha includes the following saiunan diapsids: younginiforms, Paliguana whitei*, Palaeagama vielhaueri*, Saurosternon bainii*, kuehneosaurs, rhynchocephalians, and squamates, all of which are defined and diagnosed below according to our usage. For discussion of the use of the "*," see below. The principal problem in discussing the taxa… CONTINUE READING
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