A Penny for the Little Chinese: The French Holy Childhood Association in China, 1843-1951

  title={A Penny for the Little Chinese: The French Holy Childhood Association in China, 1843-1951},
  author={Henrietta Harrison},
  journal={The American Historical Review},
  • H. Harrison
  • Published 1 February 2008
  • Medicine
  • The American Historical Review
Contract breaking off relations: Chen Zhiwan of Diantou village in the Western Mountains has a son, Yinwa, age 12, but his family is too poor to raise the child, so he requests to send him to the Geliaogou boys' orphanage to be brought up, and to study and learn prayers. Henceforth whether this boy lives or dies will be of no concern to Chen Zhiwan. He will not regret and go back on his word, and he signs this contract breaking off relations as proof. 

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