A Pattern Analysis of Adolescent Abusive Behavior toward Parents

  title={A Pattern Analysis of Adolescent Abusive Behavior toward Parents},
  author={Ellis D. Evans and Luann Warren-Sohlberg},
  journal={Journal of Adolescent Research},
  pages={201 - 216}
Police case reports of formal complaints about adolescent aggression toward their parents were analyzed to answer questions about identity of complainant, gender relationships in patterns of parental abuse, age trends in assaultive behavior, reasons for adolescent-parent disputes that precipitate violence, types of violence expressed by adolescents toward their parents, and police resolution of these domestic abuse incidents. A modal pattern of male adolescent-to-mother abuse was revealed… 
Although adolescent-to-parent violence is often overlooked by family violence researchers and practitioners, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests it is widespread. Knowledge about this
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Although adolescent-to-parent violence is often overlooked by family violence researchers and practitioners, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests it is widespread. Knowledge about this
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