A Partial Pelvis of Australopithecus sediba

  title={A Partial Pelvis of Australopithecus sediba},
  author={J. M. Kibii and S. Churchill and P. Schmid and K. Carlson and Nichelle D Reed and D. D. de Ruiter and L. Berger},
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  • J. M. Kibii, S. Churchill, +4 authors L. Berger
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Although it had a small brain and skull, Australopithecus sediba shows some human-like features in its reconstructed pelvis. The fossil record of the hominin pelvis reflects important evolutionary changes in locomotion and parturition. The partial pelves of two individuals of Australopithecus sediba were reconstructed from previously reported finds and new material. These remains share some features with australopiths, such as large biacetabular diameter, small sacral and coxal joints, and long… CONTINUE READING
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