A Paradigm Shift Was Happening All Around Us

  title={A Paradigm Shift Was Happening All Around Us},
  author={Charles H. House},
  journal={IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine},
  • C. House
  • Published 24 December 2012
  • History
  • IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine
Thankfully, Ridley Scott's brilliant Super Bowl ad, proclaiming that 1984 won't be like 1984, heralded a Golden Age of Electronics instead of George Orwell's dyspeptic scenario. Apple's Macintosh debuted, Hewlett-Packard and its new LaserJet printer set record sales and profits for Silicon Valley companies, and I met Lynn Conway when we both joined the IEEE Spectrum Advisory Board. Although Conway was a bit shy and had held back from the limelight, I already “knew” her. As HP's Corporate… 

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I was an undergraduate student when I read Introduction to VLSI Systems [1] for the first time, in the early 1980s; most likely a copy brought to Italy by Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli on the
The heritage of mead & conway: what has remained the same, what has changed, what was missed, and what lies ahead [point of view]
Introduction to VLSI Systems (Mead and Conway, 1979) introduced me to a world full of new ideas, and contributed to changing the voyage of my life, from mathematics and computer programming to electronic design automation (EDA).
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This paper contains reminiscences of my work as a young engineer at IBM-Advanced Computing Systems, a time that shaped the authors' later careers in very interesting ways.
Hewlett-Packard Journal, Ibid
  • Hewlett-Packard Journal, Ibid
Engineering in the Data Domain calls for a new kind of digital instrument,
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Agendas for the first thirty years are at http://www.bswd.com/AMW-35thWorkshopBooklet- SingleSidedVersion.pdf
  • Agendas for the first thirty years are at http://www.bswd.com/AMW-35thWorkshopBooklet- SingleSidedVersion.pdf
The 1981 Achievement Award: For optimal VLSI design efforts, Mead and Conway have fused device fabrication and system-level architecture
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  • 1981
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