A "PROPP" for the Bronx: preterm birth prevention education in the inner city.


As one component of the multifaceted community-wide preterm prevention program known as "A PROPP for the Bronx" (Program to Reduce Obstetric Problems and Prematurity), a prenatal education videotape in both English and Spanish was developed. Its impact was evaluated in 615 high-risk patients at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. The 12-minute videotape focused on the implications of preterm birth, the signs and symptoms of preterm labor, and behavioral modification to reduce life-style risk factors. An instrument was constructed to examine baseline knowledge, information transfer, and knowledge retention, and was validated and tested for reliability (r = 0.95). The results demonstrated a statistically significant knowledge transfer for patients viewing the videotape (P less than .0001) and significant knowledge retention through the postpartum period (P less than .0001) for Spanish-speaking as well as English-speaking parturients. These data emphasize the importance of the educational component of a preterm prevention program in an impoverished population at risk for early delivery.

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