A PLAG1 mutation contributed to stature recovery in modern cattle

  title={A PLAG1 mutation contributed to stature recovery in modern cattle},
  author={Yuri Tani Utsunomiya and Marco Milanesi and Adam T. H. Utsunomiya and Rafaela Beatriz Pintor Torrecilha and Eui-soo Kim and M{\'a}rcio Silva Costa and Tam{\'i}ris Sayuri Aguiar and Steven G. Schroeder and Adriana Santana do Carmo and Roberto Carvalheiro and Haroldo Henrique de Rezende Neves and Romulo Cl{\'a}udio Morozini Padula and Thayla Souza Sussai and Ludmilla Balbo Zavarez and Rafael Silva Cipriano and Maria Margareth Theodoro Caminhas and George Hambrecht and Licia Colli and Elisa Eufemi and Paolo Ajmone-Marsan and Deneb Cesana and Marco Sannazaro and Maurizio Buora and Michele Morgante and George E. Liu and Derek M. Bickhart and Curtis P Van Tassell and Johann S{\"o}lkner and Tad S. Sonstegard and Jos{\'e} Fernando Garcia},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
The recent evolution of cattle is marked by fluctuations in body size. Height in the Bos taurus lineage was reduced by a factor of ~1.5 from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, and increased again only during the Early Modern Ages. Using haplotype analysis, we found evidence that the bovine PLAG1 mutation (Q) with major effects on body size, weight and reproduction is a >1,000 years old derived allele that increased rapidly in frequency in Northwestern European B. taurus between the 16th and 18th… CONTINUE READING
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