A PAF-acether antagonist (N 48740 RP/Rhône-Poulenc) and laser-induced thrombi in rat mesenteric vessels.

  title={A PAF-acether antagonist (N 48740 RP/Rh{\^o}ne-Poulenc) and laser-induced thrombi in rat mesenteric vessels.},
  author={Wolfgang Weichert and Hans Klaus Breddin},
  volume={19 4},
N 48740 RP, a pyrrolo(1,2-c)thiazole derivative and platelet-activating factor inhibitor, was tested in a thrombosis model, in which thrombi are produced in small rat mesenteric vessels. A phase contrast system, based on a Leitz Orthoplan microscope, was used to visualize thrombus formation. Vascular lesions were produced with a Coherent CR-2 supergraphite… CONTINUE READING