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A One-Dimensional Viscoelastic Cell Motility Model

  title={A One-Dimensional Viscoelastic Cell Motility Model},
  author={Andrew Allan Port and J. Ristau},
This project attempts to model the length, velocity, and internal stress experienced by a crawling cell as it moves on a substrate. We assume the cell’s viscoelastic properties can be described by a Maxwell element. Through balance equations, we develop a Moving Boundary Problem. We solve this MBP numerically, as well as analyze its traveling wave solution. We then change our model to assume that the cell’s actin concentration satisfies a second MBP and discuss our future plans for solving this… Expand


Transport of a 1D viscoelastic actin-myosin strip of gel as a model of a crawling cell.
A continuum model of motility in ameboid cells
Stresses at the cell-to-substrate interface during locomotion of fibroblasts.
Cell movement is guided by the rigidity of the substrate.
Random walks in biology
First Course in Continuum Mechanics 3rd edition
  • 1994