A Numerical MFS Model for Computational Analysis of Acoustic Horns

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1D Numerical Study of Nonlinear Propagation of Finite Amplitude Waves in Traveling Wave Tubes with Varying Cross Section
The nonlinear acoustic problem of a finite amplitude plane wave propagating along the axial direction in a traveling wave tube is studied. Based on the one-dimensional Westervelt equation, a
Preliminary experimental validation of FEM-MFS approach for prediction of re-radiated noise
An experimental validation of a 3D FEM-MFS numerical model to predict vibrations and re-radiated noise inside an enclosure is presented, showing that the proposed numerical approach is efficient and accurate.
Perspetiva sobre a aplicação de métodos numéricos avançados em problemas acústicos exteriores
EnglishNumerical methods based only on the description of the boundaries of a propagation medium, such as the BEM or the MFS, allow a particularly elegant and accurate approach to acoustic
Data-driven characterization of porous materials by using frequency-dependent measurements
The identification of the acoustical properties of materials plays a key role in the numerical prediction of the acoustic performance and the structural behavior of any mechanical system.
A numerical procedure to evaluate vibrations and re-radiated noise in buildings generated by railway traffic
The high number of railway projects in urban environment requires significant level of knowledge from the scientific and technical communities about the phenomena of generation and propagation of
Extensions to the Mode Matching Method for Horn Loudspeaker Simulation
The Mode Matching Method is extended to new cases closer to real-world applications, and the use of the method to compute the transfer function and resonance frequencies of non-shoebox shaped rooms is used.