A Novel Web Text Mining Method Based on Semantic Polarity Analysis

  • Li Yu, Qiang Li
  • Published 2009 in
    2009 5th International Conference on Wireless…


The purpose of web text mining is to find the potential knowledge from the immensity text information on the internet. In this paper, a novel web text mining method is proposed based on semantic polarity analysis. Firstly, the model for web text mining is presented by using semantic polarity analysis, which includes three main parts: data acquisition, feature sentences analysis and semantic polarity analysis. Secondly, the procedure with semantic polarity analysis is introduced for web text mining, and the related algorithms are also discussed. Thirdly, the method is applied into an actual case to try to find out the valuable products information for the consumers. The results show that the method is both reasonable and effective. Keywords-semantic polarity; web text mining; feature extracting

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