A Novel Topical Spray Formulation for Ginkgo Biloba for AntifungalActivity

  title={A Novel Topical Spray Formulation for Ginkgo Biloba for AntifungalActivity},
  author={Abdellatif Aah and Abou-Taleb Ha},
  journal={Journal of Nanomedicine \& Nanotechnology},
The aim of this study is to prove the antifungal and antibacterial activity of Ginko Biloba GKB from glycerin nanocapsules and nanoemulsions. GKB was formulated as spray formulation for topical application using ethyl alcohol 95%/glycerol/water based formulations. GKB spray was evaluated for their particle size distribution, pH, content uniformity, content per spray, in vitro release and antifungal activity. The antifungal activity determined by Agar well-diffusion method. The formulae were… 

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