A Novel Signaling Pathway from Rod Photoreceptors to Ganglion Cells in Mammalian Retina

  title={A Novel Signaling Pathway from Rod Photoreceptors to Ganglion Cells in Mammalian Retina},
  author={E. Soucy and Y. Wang and S. Nirenberg and J. Nathans and M. Meister},
  • E. Soucy, Y. Wang, +2 authors M. Meister
  • Published 1998
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Neuron
  • Current understanding suggests that mammalian rod photoreceptors connect only to an ON-type bipolar cell. This rod-specific bipolar cell excites the All amacrine cell, which makes connections to cone-specific bipolar cells of both ON and OFF type; these, in turn, synapse with ganglion cells. Recent work on rabbit retina has shown that rod signals can also reach ganglion cells without passing through the rod bipolar cell. This route was thought to be provided by electrical gap junctions, through… CONTINUE READING
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