A Novel SMT-Based Technique for LFSR Reseeding

  title={A Novel SMT-Based Technique for LFSR Reseeding},
  author={Sarvesh Prabhu and Michael S. Hsiao and Loganathan Lingappan and Vijay Gangaram},
  journal={2012 25th International Conference on VLSI Design},
In order for logic built-in-self-test (LBIST) to achieve coverages comparable with deterministic tests, multiple (and frequently many) seeds are often needed. Unlike previous methods that attempt to chain/compact the number of seeds, we present a novel Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) based technique that can reduce the number of seeds significantly while simultaneously achieving high coverage for LBIST. In this technique we integrate the process of deterministic test generation and seed… CONTINUE READING
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