A Novel Preprocessing Algorithm for Fingerprint

  • Jin-Moon Nam
  • Published 2009 in J. Inform. and Commun. Convergence Engineering


This paper proposes a fingerprint image processing algorithm to accurately extract minutiae in the process of fingerprint recognition. We improved the matching accuracy of low quality fingerprint images by using effective ridge vector and ridge probability. The proposed algorithm improves the clarity of ridge structures and reduces undesired noise. We collected thumb print images from 10 individuals 5 separate times each, in total using 50 thumbprints. We registered one of the five thumbprint images from each individual to match the registered one with the other four thumbprint images, and alternated the registered thumbprint image. We matched thumbprints 20 times for each individual. In total, we conducted 200 matches for the thumbprints from the 10 individuals. We improved the verification accuracy and reliability compared to conventional methods.

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