A Novel Penile Splint as Early Traction Therapy After Grafting Techniques for Peyronie's Disease.

  title={A Novel Penile Splint as Early Traction Therapy After Grafting Techniques for Peyronie's Disease.},
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A retrospective comparative study of traction therapy vs. no traction following tunica albuginea plication or partial excision and grafting for Peyronie's disease: measured lengths and patient perceptions.
It appears that postoperative TT can result in length preservation, and in many, a measured and perceived length gain following correction of the curvature.
A modern review of penile traction monotherapy and combination therapy for the treatment of peyronie’s disease
Peyronie’s disease (PD)-related penile deformity is managed with multiple treatment modalities including oral medications, intralesional injections, and surgery. Penile traction therapy (PTT) is one
Incision and Venous Patch Graft in the Surgical Treatment of Penile Curvature in Peyronie’s Disease
Incision of the tunica albuginea and venous patch grafting technique is a very satisfactory surgical method in the treatment of the curvature in Peyronie’s disease.
Peyronie’s graft surgery—tips and tricks from the masters in andrologic surgery
A step-by-step tutorial for grafting techniques in Peyronie's disease, especially for the Sealing technique and the partial plaque excision and grafting (PEG) procedure, in order to help the reader to understand major steps during surgery and to avoid pitfalls.
Acute phase Peyronie's disease management with traction device: a nonrandomized prospective controlled trial with ultrasound correlation.
PTT seems an effective treatment for the AP of Peyronie's disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.
Use of a plastic syringe as a splint after penile surgery.