A Novel Parametric Method for Non-rigid Image Registration


This paper presents a novel non-rigid registration method. The main contribution of the method is the modeling of the vorticity (respectively divergence) of the deformation field using vortex (respectively sink and source) particles. Two parameters are associated with a particle: the vorticity (or divergence) strength and the influence domain. This leads to a very compact representation of vorticity and divergence fields. In addition, the optimal position of these particles is determined using a mean shift process. 2D experiments of this method are presented and demonstrate its ability to recover evolving phenomena (MS lesions) so as to register images from 20 patients.

DOI: 10.1007/11505730_38

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@article{Cuzol2005ANP, title={A Novel Parametric Method for Non-rigid Image Registration}, author={Anne Cuzol and Pierre Hellier and {\'E}tienne M{\'e}min}, journal={Information processing in medical imaging : proceedings of the ... conference}, year={2005}, volume={19}, pages={456-67} }