A Novel Method for the Synthesis of Latanoprost

  title={A Novel Method for the Synthesis of Latanoprost},
  author={Zhiming Xiu and Licheng Wang and Mengyuan Huang and Peng Yan Zhang and Youming Guo and Wenqi Zhang and Liping Wang},
Latanoprost is a kind of PGF2α analogues, which is now one of the first-choice drugs in the clinic for open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. However, the previous synthetic methods have problems of long steps, low yield and diffi- cult separation of isomeric impurities. Herein, we report a novel method for the synthesis of latanoprost in ten steps. Benzoyl Corey lactone as starting material was oxidized to form corresponding aldehyde by Dess-Martin oxidation. The ω side chain was bonded… CONTINUE READING

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